Specificații tehnice

Design Vizual

Facilități Detail

Integrează cadrul responsiv al Zurb Foundation pentru a oferi suport pentru tablete și dispozitive mobile, precum și pentru a permite utilizarea unei game largi de widgeturi ale Zurb Foundation în conținutul dvs.

Combină paginile principale și temele într-un singur folder independent
Simplă  instalare skin
Pur și simplu copiați pielea în folderul „skins” și va apărea ca opțiune în partea de administrare
Multiple skins incluse în distribuție  
Randare HTML compatibile cu standardele W3C  
Implementare CSS extinsă
ID-urile și clasele imbricate oferă un control complet asupra aproape orice detaliu al aspectului pe orice pagină doar prin CSS
Alternative masterpage for home pageSystem automatically detects optional 'HomePage.master' if present in skin  
Skin and default master page selectable by languageCan have alternative CSS and XHTML layout for different languages if required, e.g. right-to-left, non-western scripts  
Payment gateway response templates Format the HTML output to customers that certain payment gateways allow you return on callback (e.g. WorldPay)  
Șabloane de e-mail
Șabloane separate pentru fiecare limbă la e-mailurile clienților, inclusiv în zonele de comenzi, resetare parolă, bilete de asistență, validare cont.

Catalog Produse / CMS

Facilități Detail
Număr maxim de produse 1,000,000+
Număr maxim de versiuni ale produselor 1,000,000+
Număr nelimitat de categorii de produse  
Număr nelimitat de nivele de categorii  
Permite imbricarea de produse și de categorii sub același parinte  
Afișare simultană a mai multor tipuri de produse  
Paging of products
Set items per page for each product display type
Paging of subcategories
Set items per page for each subcategory display type
Products with unlimited options
Size, colour, weight, also ideal for product configuration such as computers
Settings per option
Options can be required, optional and you can determine default position of selections
Real-time price update when options selected or changed  
Text customization of items
Can be optional or required
Object config - custom settings per product Set the unit size of a product (0.01, 5, 12, 100, etc.), set the add-to-basket quantity selector type (textbox, dropdown, none)  
$POA / call for price Turns off the 'add' button, hides price  
Multiple product images with auto-gallery
Unlimited product images
Multiple file upload
Select multiple product images and upload in one go
Multimedia gallery for products and versions
Upload Flash video, MP3s or link to YouTube and other video sites
Automatic image thumbnails/resizing  
Automatic large view modal popups  
Product version imageOptional  
Stock level tracking  
Request 'back in stock' notification
Enter email to receive notification when an item is back in stock
Allow purchase of out of stock items
Stock tracking and unique SKU for each permutation of options product
Set unique price for each permutation Pricing set per SKU, or by combination of the base version price plus option price modifiers (as in 1.3 and earlier)  
Custom product control support Build your own custom control to create and price any kind of configurable products, draw data from spreadsheet, web service or any other data source  
Downloadable product support
Control time that downloads are available for, whether manual approval of purchase is needed before downloads available

Zona de administrare

Facilități Detail
Acces administrator nelimitat  
Refine permissions per user Give access to admin, product content, orders and support features  
Log of admin actions  
Logs of any errors  
Log defaults to latest errorSingle click access to the log page, which defaults to the current day, and the text area also scrolls to end so last error easy to find  
Powerful search functionalitySimple and quick way to find config settings, customers, products, etc. from one handy box - also full-text enabled  
Mark prices up/down Mark up item prices, RRPs or quantity discounts for products that match specified criteria  
Intuitive AJAX-enabled interface  
Back end treeview with splitter'populate-on-demand' treeview to navigate to categories and products, movable splitter to optimize menu width to available screen size  
'Always visible' page submit/update buttons  
Order editingEdit orders (including purchased items), track over or underpayments that result  
Graphs of statistics and reports Tabular alternative still available  
Print shipping labelsBuilt in PDF export of shipping labels using standard size/formats  
Batch print invoicesPrint all awaiting dispatch, or selected invoices  


Facilități Detail
Open plugin architecture for payment systemsSimple installation of payment gateways, all settings editable from back end  
Friendly names for payment methodsSet in each payment gateway's config  
Web APIAccess the entire BLL functionality via a web services API - improved in v2.7 to handle data tables  
Bitcoin integrationKartris talks to Bitcoin client via the JSON API, so you can accept payments for orders by Bitcoin natively, without any requirement (or the cost) of third party Bitcoin payment providers  
Open plugin architecture for real-time shipping systemsSimple installation of shipping systems, all settings editable from back end  
QuickBooks integration Import orders into QuickBooks  
Object config settings at version levelCustomizable settings now available at version level as well as product level  
Windows 8 live tileSupport for push data to Kartris live tile  
Android widgetSupport for push data to Kartris Android widget  
Postcodes4uUK address lookup through online service (fees apply)  
NEW MailChimpCollect addresses to your MailChimp account, ecommerce integration features  


Facilități Detail
Configurable tax EU/UK VAT, US state tax, prices including or excluding tax  
Canadian GST/PST/HST support (beta) Double level tax regime support  
EU business VAT handling Includes real-time validation of VAT numbers using the EU web service, with fall-back format checking function  
Unlimited shipping methods, zones and bands Online shipping price lookups coming soon...  
Multiple languages Unlimited  
Multiple currencies Unlimited  
Currency rate update Now uses the free ECB rates feed carrying most major currencies  
Easy currency selection and switching Choose your default currency during setup/install and change it simply from the back end with a single click or using the tax/regional wizard  
Configurable currency display format, set per currencySet number of decimal places, decimal separator (comma/point), position of currency symbol (before or after value), etc.  
All site text can be changed from back endDatabase-driven language content, no programming or files to change  
Can set different masterpage or skin for each language  
Full unicode supportHandles Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian  
Full right-to-left language supportTags on prices and other formatted text ensure correct display direction for R-t-L languages  
Easy import of language packs with Data ToolImport latest language pack into existing Kartris database  

Coș de cumpărături

Feature Detail
Aggregate similar productsTwo or more of identical items (with identical options or text customization) will appear on same line, even if added separately  
Configurable 'adding to basket' behaviour Popup with time delayed close, redirect or no indication  
UPDATED Basket item imagesNow with version images, if available  
Basket shipping price estimate  
Auto-adjust with notification when stock level drops below quantity of an item in cart  
Save a basket  
NEW Autosave basketWhen user is logged in, basket autosaved and recovered on next login (unless already filled)  
Create a wishlist or purchase items from another user's wishlist  
Full order history in 'my account'  
View/print sales receipt from 'my account'  

Reduceri și Marketing

Feature Detail
Product promotionsBuy X of product Y, get Z free, spend X get Y% off product Z, etc.  
Customer discounts % or $ discounts  
Customer group discounts% or $ discounts  
Customer group pricingIndividual pricing per item, per customer group  
Quantity discounts / price breaksUnlimited bands - give sliding discounts for higher volumes  
Coupons% or $, with start/finish dates, reusable or use-once  
Link coupons to promotion Coupon code unlocks a promotion that is otherwise unavailable  
Internal stats systemLogs product views, purchases, search terms, displays data in back end  
Google Analytics supportFull ecommerce tracking - pageviews and order conversion  

Data Import/Export

Feature Detail
Custom exportsSQL query and associated field info can be stored and run manually to export any specific data as a .CSV file  
Powerful standalone Data Tool softwareUpgrade stores, import spreadsheet data and images  
Import stock levels from spreadsheetQuick import and update of store stock levels from a spreadsheet  
Further data importsUpdate RRP, quantity discounts and group prices through spreadsheet import  
Command-line functionality in Data ToolScript daily imports or stock updates from spreadsheet data  
Import combination products and attributes  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Feature Detail
'Friendly' URLsAutomatic but can be manually overridden  
Canonical URL tags in every product and category pageDeals with duplicate-content issues, supported by Google, Bing and Yahoo  
Automatic page title, meta-description and meta-keywordsFor products, categories, CMS pages and knowledgebase articles  
Can override automatic any page title, meta-description or meta-keywords tagFor products, categories, CMS pages and knowledgebase articles  
Rich SnippetsProduct info automatically added to product page markup  
GoogleBase/Froogle feed  
Google Sitemap  
H1, H2 tag mark up throughout  
RSS news feed  
Always-on SSL supportGoogle has indicated it will start to give a subtle bias towards secure web sites  
CactuShop URL redirectionExisting CactuShop URLs indexed by search engines automatically recognized by Kartris and 301-redirected to the equivalent new Kartris page  


Feature Detail
Choice of category menu stylesFrom v2.0 onwards, the menu type is coded into the skin, as most layouts are designed to incorporate a particular menu type  
Sophisticated 'relevance processing' in-built search engineSupports full-text catalogs for speed even on huge catalogues of 1,000,000+ items
Performance improvements
Automatic breadcrumb trails  
Recently viewed products  
Top selling items  
Related products  
Newest items  


Feature Detail
All database operations via parametrized stored proceduresStructural immunity to SQL injection attacks  
Front end 'requestValidate' defaultExtra layer of Microsoft XSS protection on front end  
SSL supportNow supports 'always on' SSL  
NEW Cloudflare supportFree external SSL support, other security features  
Hashed passwordsAdditional salting for all accounts  
Viewstate is encrypted  
Back end can be IP protectedSupports multiple IPs and ranges  
Password strength indicator  


Facilități Detail
Well-structured databaseIndexes and efficient queries for snappy response even with well over one million products  
Extensive cachingReduces round trips to database on data that changes rarely  
Full-text catalog supportMuch faster text searches on larger databases  
SQL stored proceduresAs much processing as possible handled at the database, reducing the data volume and processing time required in the application  
ADO.NETAvoids EF which is anywhere from 5 to 100 times slower  
Viewstate minimizationViewstate disabled where possible to reduce page size and load time significantly  
Cloudflare supportBuilt to work with Cloudflare, the free service provides code minification, optimization and caching in their global CDN, as well as TLS security  
Further optimization and refinementAnalysis of performance bottlenecks and optimization of various queries